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Email the City Council

Send an email to your mayor and city council in support of Alexandria aquatics and Warwick pool!  Sending a note is a great way to show the mayor and city council how important Warwick pool is to each of us, and how committed we are to maintaining it as a vibrant community resource. 

Below you will find draft language that you can copy and paste into your email or feel free to make it your own.  Our main goal is to keep Alexandria aquatics, and Warwick Pool, on our elected officials’ radar.

It is very easy to email the mayor, vice-mayor and all city council members through a simple web form:

Email – Click here to submit your input via email.


Sample Email

Dear Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Council Members:

I am writing to express my concern about the status of Warwick Pool, and of the city’s aquatics in general.  I understand that the city is currently undergoing an Aquatics Assessment and developing a Master Plan.  I applaud these efforts, and I urge you to support the capital investments necessary to upgrade our city’s aquatics facilities and maintain Warwick pool. 

The Warwick Pool is a critical quality of life asset, community gathering place and source of outdoor recreation for the residents of several Alexandria neighborhoods, including Arlandria, Del Ray and Lynnhaven.  Our community loves this pool and it is especially important as a source of exercise and fun for the increasing number of children in the area.  Now that the neighboring Landover Park is complete, the pool is even more attractive because kids can come and use both the playground and the pool. 

The pool is so important to so many people that concerned citizens have come together as part of an association dedicated to maintaining the pool as a vibrant community resource.  Called “The Friends of Warwick Pool,” we are planning volunteer projects to maintain and improve the pool and conduct community outreach to increase usage.  The association has already met with City Aquatics Director Ralph Baird and looks forward to partnering with the city in this effort.

As taxpayers we are mindful of the budget situation, but feel strongly that this community asset is worthy of the capital investment needed to maintain it as a vibrant community resource. 

Again, I commend you for your effort to create a Master Plan for city aquatics and I urge you to support the capital investments necessary to maintain Warwick pool. 


(Your Name and address)